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Revolution Aerospace, Queensland University of Technology and Trusted Autonomous Systems Unveil Breakthrough Cognitive Electronic Warfare System

A collaboration that will advance Australia's electronic warfare capabilities has culminated in a final in-field demonstration.

Brisbane, Australia - March 28, 2024 - Revolution Aerospace (RevAero) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have successfully concluded a ground-breaking collaboration resulting in the development of a Cognitive Electronic Warfare (C-EW) payload for small Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Funded by the Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (TASDCRC), this project, conducted from March 2022 to March 2024, marks a significant milestone in the development of sovereign EW capabilities. The final prototype, successfully demonstrated hardware-in-the-loop tests and live flight tests on 28 February 2024.

Image: RevAero and TAS-CRC during the live in-field demonstration 

Experts from RevAero and QUT joined forces to develop the C-EW system, integrating cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with compact Software Defined Radios (SDR). This system offers the defence industry a mobile, cost-effective solution for detecting, localising, and classifying adversary electromagnetic emissions, providing a significant advantage in modern warfare scenarios. 

The successful completion of this project aligns with the federal government's Defence Industry Development Strategy, promoting job creation and fostering STEM careers in Australia. RevAero's commitment to reinvesting profits into research and development underscores its dedication to driving innovation in the defence sector.

RevAero is a strong advocate for the principles of smart, small and many, in the modern battlespace. Over the last 2 years, we have been maturing a UAV Cognitive EW capability that can ultimately provide the ADF with mobile, miniature, low-cost electromagnetic spectrum sensors, which have reduced physical signatures and smaller radiated power levels, ultimately providing a means for passive sensing at much closer ranges to adversaries without detection. When deployed as a multi-static capability at scale, the product has the potential to deliver game changing asymmetric advantage for ADF operations across the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), including significant savings when cross-compared with existing EW methods. 

Dr Terrence Martin,

CEO and Co-Founder, Revolution Aerospace 

About RevAero

Revolution Aerospace Australia (RevAero) - A Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) based in Queensland, specialising in autonomous systems technology. With a focus on advanced signal processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electronic Warfare (EW), and autonomous vehicles, RevAero is at the forefront of revolutionising defence technology. 

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Trusted Autonomous Systems - A leading autonomous and robotic cooperative research centre (CRC) in Australia facilitating trusted and effective cooperation between humans and machines. 


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - An ambitious institution, with a growing research output focused on technology and innovation. QUT ranks in the world’s top 200 universities. 




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