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Policy and Regulations


Simplifying policy and regulatory hurdles for Government and industry

With an unmatched level of international aerospace policy and regulation experience, we provide support to government, manufacturers, and operators to achieve optimal safety, efficiency, and equitable outcomes for unmanned and autonomous aircraft and cutting edge traffic management solutions.

  • Supporting government solve complex and challenging policy and regulation issues

  • Supporting industry with compliance, interpretation, and aligning with current and future regulation and policy

  • Guiding and contributing to world leading policy and regulatory development efforts (e.g. JARUS, ICAO, NATO)

  • Guiding and contributing to local and international standards development (e.g. Standards Australia, ASTM, RTCA, ISO)

Parliament House
Engineering Plans

Supporting the development of solutions to complex technical problems

With years of in depth experience across the systems engineering lifecycle, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to support development of high-integrity safety-critical systems used in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Urban Air Mobility, UAS Traffic Management, Counter-UAS, and Collaborative Traffic Management in the Stratosphere.

  • Safety case development (JARUS SORA or otherwise)

  • Test and evaluation / trial design and management

  • Systems engineering

  • Systems safety engineering

  • Software engineering and development

  • Software safety/assurance

  • Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination

  • Flight Simulator Accreditation and Recurrent Testing

  • Simulation and modelling

  • Logistics management



Risk and project management to achieve your operational outcomes

We have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to ensure that operational risk (assessed through the JARUS SORA or any other means) is effectively managed and your intended operations are realistic.


Our extensive network of global and local risk and safety expertise means that we are always at the forefront of local and global developments.


Risk and safety management are central to new and novel operations and our team can help make it happen.


Co-working in the Office
Engineering and T&E
Risk, Ops and Project Management


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